Tuxes and Tails

Behind the Scenes - Tuxes and Tails, a Virtual Charity Event

To give voice to the Shelter’s mission to promote the humane treatment of all animals and exemplify best practices in animal care, StoryCraft Productions worked alongside the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County in Angola, Indiana during the COVID-19 pandemic to present Tuxes and Tails: A Virtual Charity Event.

The production and planning process for the September 19 event began in May 2020. StoryCraft Productions preproduced videos and animations as well as provided live streaming equipment, social media engagement, and more for the silent auction and live event.

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StoryCraft Productions created this opener for the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County’s Tuxes and Tails: A Virtual Charity Event to raise essential funds for promoting animal welfare in the county.

A Day in the Life at the Shelter

StoryCraft Productions created this day in the life story to showcase what services the shelter provides on a daily basis for Steuben County, Indiana.